Wednesday, February 29, 2012


What's on the menu? Theater, running, and the U2 report

Happy Leap Year! Happy Leap Day? Either way a fitting day to start this up again.

Tonight I rehearsed with Tommy, Rosa, and Whitney for the world premiere of Middle School Fairy Tale. Tommy was both a grumpy old man and a game actor. He comes through but he's gonna complain. It's all part of the package. Elsewhere, Patrick rehearsed with the fabulous and fabulously diverse cast of Heartbreak Hill. He even posted a rehearsal picture on Facebook so, triple win. I've been in touch with the Exquisite Corps folks so that's done. I just need a stage manager and somebody to run the lights. Oh, and find the baton. Getting there but still stressed.

Running? I ran 10 miles on Sunday in a reasonable time and now I seem to be resting on my laurels. I need a kick in the ass, again. Rehearsals and kid stuff, cutting into my running time. Not good. But, as always, there is tomorrow.

What is the U2 report? I maintain that it is always possible to find U2 on the radio in Boston. Everyday that I spend time in the car, I flip around until I hear a U2. Today I didn't really spend time in the car, alas, so instead I'll sum up for February. The only two days where I didn't hear a U2 song on the radio were Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine's Day. Only love and football can supercede U2? Nah, but TPTB of local radio were distracted. Yesterday's U2 song of the day? We scored a double - 'With or Without You' and 'Mysterious Ways'.