Saturday, May 25, 2013

One More Race, One Less Yarn Store

What's on the menu today?  Running and knitting

Last weekend I ran the "Run for the Woods" in Stow.  Proceeds from the race benefit the Stow Conservation Trust.  It was probably the smallest race I've participated in.  There were at most 500 runners which is probably a generous estimate, I didn't see any race numbers above 400.  It was a bit hotter than I expected and I regretted wearing my running pants, shorts would have been better but at least I didn't opt for a long-sleeved running shirt.  The course was fairly hilly with the worst being the last hill leading up to the finish line.  I knew it was coming because the race starts at the top of the same hill.  I'll admit to not pushing myself very hard but it wasn't my worst effort.  No t-shirt but I did get a finishers' medal. 

In some sad news, Wild 'N Woolly in Lexington is going out of business.  I'm heartbroken.  It's the second of my three favorite yarn stores to close this year.  This comes on top of 2 others in my top 5 to close in the past 2 years.  Of the four closings (all of them due to rising rents/lease expirations), two of the storefronts remain empty.  Landlords, is an empty storefront really better than a yarn store?  I made my last trek to the store yesterday and basically I bought anything I liked.  I didn't "need" any of it, but Wild 'N Woolly has always been the best place to buy Rowan yarn and I'm a sucker for Rowan yarns.  I figured out what to knit out of the 20 skeins of Rowan Scottish Tweed dk Shade 018 Thatch.  I'm going to finally tackle an Alice Starmore sweater - this one  Yes, it's for me! 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Latest Crazy Idea

What's on the menu today?  Running

Last fall, one afternoon as I was heading home from my knitting group, I decided to get off the highway for awhile.  There was a back-up and I was in no hurry to get home, so I took an exit with a Route number that looked familiar and kept heading roughly south.  How lost could I get, really?  On this gorgeous autumn day I passed many runners out on the backroads of the North Shore.  And that's when I wondered if that town had an annual 5K race.  If it did, I'd sure like to run in it.  You know what might be fun - running a 5K race in every town in Massachusetts.

Yes, that right there, is my latest crazy idea.  I'm planning to run at least a 5K in every city and town in Massachusetts.  There are 351.  It's going to take awhile.

I have set up some rules.

1) I get credit for any town I've already run in.*
2) If a race starts in one town and ends in another or even just passes through another, I get credit for both.
3) Races must be official races - I can't just take a jog through and count it.
4) If I cannot find an official race in a town, I get credit if I run in a town that borders it.

* Undecided on what to do about towns on the Marathon route.  If I run another one, which I plan to do in 2014, I will count Hopkinton since the start is there.  I already have Wellesley, Newton, and Boston through other races.  We shall see.  If I'm still working on it 20 years from now and I haven't done Ashland?  I'll count it.

Since I had the idea I have run in Boston - Tufts Health Plan 10K, Cambridge - also the Tufts Health Plan 10K, Newton - Paddy's Road Race (on my birthday!)


The Turkey 5 on Thanksgiving Day


The Jingle Bell Jaunt - the finisher's medal is a bottle opener.

and Salisbury

The 32nd Annual Hangover Classic

One thing I'm sure of, by the end of all this I will have a lot of t-shirts.  Quick review, Wellesley - hilly, Somerville - hilly, Salisbury - nice and flat.  No, I did not jump in the water in Salisbury.  I had an hour drive home, I wasn't doing that wet.  But I did finish every race with a cartwheel.  Someday I'll get a picture to prove it.